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Blockchain.info Launches Bitcoin Cash Support, Users Cry For SegWit

Popular Bitcoin wallet provider Blockchain.info has announced it has now
given “full support” to Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

In a blog post today, Blockchain
confirmed that a Bitcoin fork, Bitcoin Cash, had become one of
its wallet’s main currencies alongside Bitcoin (BTC) and
Ethereum (ETH).

“In November, we revealed our plan to deliver on the growing
demand we’ve seen for Bitcoin Cash,” the post explains.

“Starting today, we’re supporting Bitcoin Cash with full
functionality through the same web wallet[.]”

Blockchain.info’s initial run with BCH saw users gain the
ability to ‘unlock’ duplicate balances earmarked on the fork
date Aug. 1. Now, trading in and out has the same setup as with
the wallet’s other two supported coins.

No mobile support is yet available, but it’s promised to appear
by the end of Q1 2018.

BCH meanwhile remains a contentious topic, with its principle
advocate Roger Ver continuing to cause controversy with
comments aimed at casting doubt on the reputation of BTC.

An appearance by Ver on CNBC
this week spurred criticism from prominent personalities
including Max Keiser, who hit back at what he called “borderline fraud” BCH
and the network’s choice of Ver as a Bitcoin spokesman.

Blockchain.info has also faced a backlash from some sources
over its prioritizing BCH features while so far failing to
implement SegWit for its transactions.

The issue came to light again following the latest
announcement, with venture capitalist Alan Silbert and others
openly asking CEO Peter Smith why the technology had not yet
appeared in his wallet.

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